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The stories below are of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who developed game-changing concepts and are now pursuing their dreams. These entrepreneurs provide inspiration to the next wave of way-out thinkers.


  • BounceChat

    A DJ wanting to send his playlist to the dedicated audience members who came out to hear his show developed what is now a rising star and the latest social media app, BounceChat.

  • Heritage Productions

    Micaela Brown, president of Heritage Productions, exhibits the possibilities of what can be done through the utilization of social media and the tenacious life motto “I’ll find a way.” Since its founding in January of 2015, Heritage Productions has created one of a kind experiences not found anywhere else that showcase New Mexican culture in an original and contemporary way.

  • Rebel Donut

    From Breaking Bad-themed donuts to ones that taste like French Toast, you’ll find that Rebel Donut may be the answer to your cravings. This unique Albuquerque-based shop, which opened in June of 2012, is making a name for itself in the Albuquerque metro area.

  • Riccobene Masonry Company

    Tom Riccobene has been living, inventing and innovating for more than 30 years. His breakthrough thinking has reshaped the brick paver business and launched his family-owned company into a multinational leader in the field of stonemasonry and concrete products.

  • Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation (SE-OC)

    Technology developed by New Mexico’s research institutions is finding its way out of the closed doors of academic and government-funded laboratories, and impacting the lives of millions nation-wide thanks to Michael Cumbo and the company he founded, Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation (SE-OC).

  • Charlie Wisoff, CivNet

    Charlie’s work on new application CivNet has paved the way to success for passionate individuals seeking reform and community change. 

  • Mission: Graduate and LaunchMeABQ

    Mission: Graduate, a collaborative educational effort by leaders across the board in Albuquerque, is taking a stab at a unique way to guide the next generation of youth in the right direction towards a greater objective: graduating with a college degree.

  • Inde Beats

    Munji Kahalah, a computer science student at the University of New Mexico, has channeled his passion for the booming music scene through the creation of a social media music application that helps local artists get connected and discovered by local listeners without being overshadowed by the big dogs in the music industry.

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