BounceChatA DJ wanting to send his playlist to the dedicated audience members who came out to hear his show developed what is now a rising star and the latest social media app, BounceChat.

Sitting down with Antonio Gandara-Martinez, Director of Marketing at BounceChat, I learned the story behind this fast moving start up.

The company was founded by Gordon Schaeffer, and more fully developed through the local business accelerator ABQid. It won the people’s choice award at the ABQid Demo Day in August of 2015, but not before it was already attracting Silicon Valley seed capital from Netflix, Pandora investor Larry Marcus. A month after the Albuquerque Demo Day BounceChat beat out 30 Silicon Valley Companies to win the Plug and Play category at Austin’s South by Southwest Technology Expo.

So, what is it? It is Instagram meets geo location meets Twitter. BounceChat is a social media app that links people, places, events, and cultures together and allows connections to occur in a way that has not yet been done. The gist is to “bounce” music, photos, and other news items to people in a specified geographic area from 100 yards to 100 miles and beyond.

The laid back company of bright young creatives is getting its cues from high school and university student users who are posting on the site (free in the Apple App Store while in the beta test mode). The aim of the company is for BounceChat to ultimately replace texting.

Next step for BounceChat, a feature in Future of Money and Technology, due out in December 2015.

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