Charlie Wisoff, CivNetCharlie Wisoff, CivNet

Many can agree that it is one thing to care about an issue, and another to navigate a way to make a meaningful impact on the matter. With many thanks to an innovative app developer, Charlie Wisoff has created an online social media platform that defies the time old saying, “easier said than done.” Charlie’s work on new application CivNet has paved the way to success for passionate individuals seeking reform and community change. The app has the power to put any goal within reach.

How it’s done is simple. By identifying a person’s interests, CivNet filters through a series of topics to match the user to an appropriate group of committed individuals who share those desires to make a positive influence. With the many “action plans” found on the online podium, community members can find opportunities to volunteer, protest, attend presentations, and more! Whether one has a passion for the local food community or the grit to take a stand on social issues, CivNet has provided an outlet and opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect, learn from each other, partner, and collaborate on all levels.

Considering New Mexico’s diverse culture and the various rising issues in modern society, it is no surprise an outlet like CivNet is already gaining noteworthy attention by local community members in Albuquerque. Charlie, the founder and CEO of this innovative application, shows us that a platform like this is precisely what we need to make noticeable, significant improvements to the world we live in today. 

By Merritt Blankenau

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