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Heritage Productions

Micaela Brown, president of Heritage Productions, exhibits the possibilities of what can be done through the utilization of social media and the tenacious life motto “I’ll find a way.” Since its founding in January of 2015, Heritage Productions has created one of a kind experiences not found anywhere else that showcase New Mexican culture in an original and contemporary way. Participants in the events organized by Brown should always expect something unexpected, creative, innovative, unique, a little bit exclusive, and of the highest production value New Mexico has to offer.

No simple explanation of the work done by Brown exists, but you can always be sure that Brown’s product lines and events will have (1) economic impact, (2) cultural preservation, and (3) community engagement. For instance, Brown organized Running of the Chihuahuas in a month as her first project, and had a turnout of 2000 people in attendance. She brought forth New Mexico’s Chihuahua culture and showcased it in a way that created interest, which brought customers to Albuquerque businesses. Running of the Chihuahuas showed Brown that she could take a concept of the state’s unique culture and create something innovative the state can be proud of that benefits the community in the process through careful planning and the use of social media.

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In addition to the events organized by Brown at Heritage Productions, Members Only was created eight months ago, and currently has around 150 members. This exclusive club is accessible by invitation only, and is not available to the general public, but to well known producers, publishers, and etc. Once a month, Members Only meets with the provision that members are not allowed to pitch to one another, but instead connect on a personal level amidst the piano bar, DJ, and food cooked by top chefs. If provided the opportunity, make sure to check out Members Only at Casa Esencia (though, if you have received an invitation, I’d have to wonder as to why you’re reading this).

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Since the Running of the Chihuahuas, Brown has put together Le Dîner en Blanc and Christmas at Hogwarts. In order to organize the Harry Potter inspired Christmas at Hogwarts, Brown had to receive permission from J.K. Rowling herself. The event planned by Heritage Productions is the only non-trademark Harry Potter event in the world. The gala was a one-time event, and therefore will not be recreated in the future. Christmas at Hogwarts was complete with a talking sorting hat (participants in the event were all sorted into houses), circus performers, and golden snitches. Those who partook in the event were given access to an auction, conducted with an app in which the Hogwarts house that raised the most money won. The décor of the event replicated the grand hall of Hogwarts perfectly, from the four house’s tables, to candles floating in the sky on the ceiling (complete with conveyor belts on the ceiling to move the candles).

If the concept of these unique events that cannot be found elsewhere sounds intriguing, make sure to look for the upcoming Santa Fe Foodie Classic at the Santa Fe Convention Center, which will feature food prepared by the top three chefs chosen by food critics. The Santa Fe Foodie Classic will take place in January of 2016. Also coming up is the first annual Winter Ball in February of 2016, which is based off of Disney’s most recent top box office movie, “Frozen”. Heritage Productions exhibits pure innovation to the Albuquerque community. Brown has successfully created events that are not only unique to the New Mexico area, but to the entire nation. New Mexican culture is featured in the best possible way by Heritage Productions to attract visitors on a national level to this phenomenal state.

By Elizabeth Cox

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