munji kahalah indigenous beatsMunji Kahalah, Indigenous Beats

Munji Kahalah, a computer science student at the University of New Mexico, has channeled his passion for the booming music scene through the creation of a social media music application that helps local artists get connected and discovered by local listeners without being overshadowed by the big dogs in the music industry. Munji calls attention to the simple fact that music is culture and every beat is hugely influenced by where the artist is from, hence the company’s name, Indigenous Beats.

We can all agree everyone loves music, however, waiting for an entire song to load and listen to for the first time on existing platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, can be a bit annoying. We simply don’t have the time or attention span for it anymore. With this in mind, Munji has created an outlet for music artists to have their work sampled in just 30 seconds: an adequate amount of time to keep the listener’s attention and grasp the artist’s style and personality.

This innovative app is expected to launch in the app store for iPhones and Androids by the end of 2016. Munji’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing but hard work for the past year, though he and his team at ABQid are very excited for what is in store for their youngest ever cohort at age 19.

indigenous beats logoHaving already presented at local high schools, university events, and beginning week eight of twelve at the ABQid Accelerator Program, Inde Beats is honored to be sponsored by various noteworthy investors in their program along with individuals over at ABQ Fat Pipe. Thanks to Munji’s generous sponsors, the sophomore Lobo is preparing to take off to Los Angeles to attend TechDay, a large startup company venue, or a “technology farmer’s market” if you will, that offers participants the ability to showcase their product to the thousands who attend.

Music is everything for Munji and its influence is indeed powerful. The young entrepreneur notes that by finally providing a way for artists to express themselves and get their music out in the real world, Inde Beats is essentially “giving a voice” to artists that may feel voiceless. Instead of acquiring access to expensive resources like recording studios and equipment, artists will soon be able to get their music heard and captivate their audience in under a single minute.

By Merritt Blankenau

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