Carrie Mettling, Rebel DonutFrom Breaking Bad-themed donuts to ones that taste like French Toast, you’ll find that Rebel Donut may be the answer to your cravings. This unique Albuquerque-based shop, which opened in June of 2012, is making a name for itself in the Albuquerque metro area. Rebel Donut isn’t any donut shop. Owner Carrie Mettling described the business this way: “We’re donuts done differently.”

Mettling got into the baking industry following her career as an architect. She previously owned a popular Albuquerque bakery, but ultimately sold the business with the belief that she’d miss her career as an architect. However, she found that instead she missed owning a bakery—so much so that she set a goal to create a unique, stand out product that became Rebel Donut.

What makes it stand apart? The flavors. Anything with Bacon, Charlie Brown, a donut topped with brownies, creations inspired by Piña Coladas, and donuts emulating the Roswell crash site are among the niche offerings.


Creativity is encouraged at Rebel Donut, setting it apart from other donut shops. Initially, Mettling came up with all of the imaginative donut concoctions. Today she provides opportunities for her employees to devise new creations, and many of the current offerings are based on employee ideas. Regardless of ownership, each deep fried masterpiece is made with creativity and innovative genius you won’t find elsewhere.

Expect to see more of Rebel Donut. The business continues to grow and expand throughout the Southwest and is considering opening a full service bakery. If you’re looking for something different, Rebel Donut is sure to please.

By Elizabeth Cox

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