Tom RiccobeneTom Riccobene, Riccobene Masonry Co. Inc.

Tom Riccobene has been living, inventing and innovating for more than 30 years. His breakthrough thinking has reshaped the brick paver business and launched his family-owned company into a multinational leader in the field of stonemasonry and concrete products. Hailing from a long lineage of Italian stonemasons, Tom came into this business under the tutelage of his father, founder of what is now Riccobene Masonry Co. Inc.

As a teenager, Tom began work as a laborer, eventually becoming a full mason and then crew chief. In the late 70’s Tom and his father disrupted the masonry business by manufacturing brick and other concrete products instead of just installing them. In the early 90’s Tom became president of the company. 

Tom’s exciting and breakthrough concepts continue to unfold; gaining increased worldwide attention for invention, innovation and value in the marketplace. Tom is not only a business leader, but a noted inventor, as well. Combining his experience of masonry and manufacturing, he designs and patents new processes and products. His is noted for designing popular, consumer friendly landscape products and for his innovative methods of mold building, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and merchandising of those products. In 2009, the US Chamber of Commerce’s, Global Intellectual Property Center, recognized Tom as a leading national inventor and innovator. 

His technologies and product designs are licensed and produced by leading manufacturers throughout the United States and many other countries. Working with major retailers and pro-dealers, the designs then find their way to commercial landscapes and private gardens. His latest products include a Permeable Flexible Pavement System where the pavers are matted together into 16"x48" pre-prepped sections which help make installation easy, fast and efficient. Along with his new Permeable Grout Material, the system is drivable and yet allows water to penetrate the installed surface.  

Tom Riccobene lives with his family in the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.

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