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biking-mountainsEnjoy the great outdoors year-round.

It's easy to enjoy New Mexico's scenic beauty with over 300 days of sunshine, 11 diverse ecological zones around the state,  and four distinct seasons, which allows New Mexicans to participate in recreational activities close to home all year long. The climate here ranges from mild, arid to semiarid, and can be felt and observed just by driving as little as an hour from one part of the state to another, allowing one to enjoy a break from the summer heat in the desert or winter snow in the highest elevations. New Mexico is well-loved for its low relative humidity, even when the monsoons provide us with abundant rainfall. Temperatures rarely exceed 100 degrees in the Metro New Mexico region, on average hovering in the low 90’s during the hottest part of the summer, and in the 50’s in the coldest parts of the winter. On average Metro New Mexico receives less than 10 inches of rain annually, however this increases a bit at higher elevations such as Santa Fe.

The New Mexico climate is one of the primary draws for people moving from out of state and is what keeps many people from wanting to leave.

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