The Rio Metro Regional Transit District encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation for daily commutes.

bicycleBike to Your Destination

Bicycling is a fun and interactive way to explore your community, commute to work, get some exercise, and have fun! Bicycling costs less than driving and parking, reduces pollution and congestion, and improves your health! Also, remember that you can extend your trip with transit!


Savings and Benefits

  • Saves money
  • Low-impact aerobic workout
  • Increased health benefits
  • Helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion

Bicycling and Transit

Many area commuters bike from home to the nearest station or bus stop and rely on transit to get them the rest of the way to their destination. There are bike racks and bicycle lockers at almost every Rail Runner station and designated bike spaces on trains and buses. Read more about bicycles onboard trains and buses.


View information about biking safety and trails in your area!