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Metro New Mexico offers a variety of transportation options for moving goods, services, and people. Additionally, the region offers short commute times compared with other metro regions, allowing for a highly mobile workforce.


Major Highways and Roads

Albuquerque is located squarely on the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25, which recently underwent a major infrastructure renovation to keep traffic moving smoothly through New Mexico's largest intersection. The many communities of Metro New Mexico are located along or in close proximity to one or more of these major Interstates. In addition to major interstate highways, a variety of state highways and roads keep the region connected. New Mexico roads and highways offer efficiency for the daily commuter and scenic enjoyment for the weekend traveler.


Railway Revival

Rail service has a long and rich history in the state of New Mexico, and the New Mexico RailRunner Express commuter train continues with that tradition. Now running between Belen and Santa Fe, on almost 100 miles of tracks, the RailRunner provides citizens in the region with fast and reliable transportation. Additionally, the area is also served by Amtrack passenger trains. For moving rail freight the region is home to the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, which is based in Belen. The various rail services available in the region make up an efficient and reliable way to serve the needs of commuters, tourists, and companies looking to ship goods.

Rapid Ride Bus

Public Transportation

Metro New Mexico has a wealth of metropolitan and rural public transportation options ranging from efficient bus systems, long-range rail service, park-and-ride options, bike trails and walking trails. The Albuquerque Rapid Ride bus service provides city residents with a fast and affordable means of getting around town on a few key routes. The weekend Rapid After Dark service (June through September) offers weekend night owls a convenient way of getting home safely. Albuquerque has a wonderful network of bike lanes and off-road bike paths that allow cyclists to move around the city with ease and speed. A highlight of the region is the NM Rail Runner Express, allowing commuters to travel between Belen (south of Albuquerque) and Santa Fe, in comfort and security, and in nearly the same amount of time as in a car.


Major Freight

The motor freight industry in Metro New Mexico is well-equipped to provide a variety of services to companies looking for affordable and reliable shipping options. Given Albuquerque’s geographic location, coupled with the Santa Fe Railway, it has long been an important center for the movement of goods around the United States. There are numerous freight carriers located in the region, many of which have terminals that link Metro New Mexico with other markets country-wide. New Mexico is a net-consumptive state, resulting in very competitive outgoing freight rates.

Albuquerque is a registered U.S. Port of Entry with its own customs facility, enabling freight cargo to be shipped directly and duty paid locally. In addition, Albuquerque has a designated Foreign Trade Zone, allowing goods to be stored or manufactured in the zone by foreign or domestic business without U.S. customs duty being imposed.

Flying High

The Metro New Mexico region is served by the Albuquerque International Sunport, a full-service facility serving more than six millions travelers per year. In addition, there are a variety of general aviation and private airports located in the region including:

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