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powerlinesMetro New Mexico offers some of the lowest utility rates in the country, providing a low cost of living and a low cost of doing business.

Electricity and natural gas

  • A majority of the metro area's electricity is provided by Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), one of the most reliable power providers in the country. PNM's current and long term energy plans include the use of renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar, and biogas.
  • Central NM Electric Cooperative is organized as a non-profit, consumer owned cooperative and is headquartered in Mountainair, NM, with another office in Moriarity. CNMEC serves customers in parts of Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Valencia and Torrance counties, including the Estancia Valley. The company owns 4,156 miles of transmission lines and has invested $59.5 million to serve its members.


New Mexico offers urban and rural businesses and residents the high-quality telecommunications services and amenities that are expected in this day and age including high-speed internet, lightning-fast cable, high-quality phone, and reliable satellite services. The primary providers in Albuquerque include:

Other resources include:

Find out more on our Comunications page.

Water and Wastewater

New Mexico's arid climate poses quite·a challenge when it comes to water resource preservation, but numerous organizations are showing that through education, new technology and incentives such as generous rebates and water audits (for residences and businesses), precious water resources can be preserved over the long term. Albuquerque is also home to the Southside Water Reclamation Plant, New Mexico's largest waste-water treatment facility, which uses state of the art technology for nitrate and ammonia mitigation, as well as methane gas recycling to produce about half of the energy needs for the facility. These agencies and facilities·aimed at reducing water consumption, increasing waste-water re-use, and improving waste-water treatment, serve not only the individuals and businesses who make this region their home, but also serve the ecology and adjacent regions that share these valuable resources.

Drought-Resistant Industry

The Metro New Mexico region is primarily high desert, with an average rainfall of 9-14 inches/year. Our communities are learning to manage their water resources to ensure a supply for future generations while meeting water compact obligations. These goals will be achieved through a combination of active conservation efforts, a search for new sources, technological progress in water reclamation and re-use, and an active market in unused water rights. While water-intensive industries never make sense in a desert, almost all industries will find a more than adequate supply of water to meet their needs.

Waste Disposal

The metro New mexico region is outfitted with a number of agencies that service the waste disposal needs of hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. A primary goal for all of these agencies is to improve their recycling capacity long term and to keep out cities and environment clean.

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