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Globally competitive and diverse business development opportunities abound.

  • Aviation & Aerospace

    New Mexico is an ideal location for aviation and aerospace development, and these sectors are constantly growing. The state already employs some of the most talented scientists and researchers in the United States and continues to develop these talents through numerous educational and job training opportunities.
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  • Backoffice & Call Center Operations
    Customer relationship centers, telemarketing and back office operations are a strong economic force in Metro New Mexico, with many companies expanding or relocating here.

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  • Biotechnology
    New Mexico's dynamic biomedical and biotechnology cluster numbers more than 100 companies, with employers ranging from Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Endo-Surgery plant to tech-transfer start-ups.

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  • Defense & Homeland Security

    The defense industry has been long-established in New Mexico and contributes to large percentage of the workforce in the state. This industry also directly supports other industries including aviation and aerospace, bio technology, electronics, manufacturing and machining, and solar and green technology.
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  • Electronics
    Large companies including Intel and Delta Group Electronics have called Albuquerque home, proving that the Metro New Mexico region is an ideal place for electronics companies to establish themselves.

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  • Energy/ Environmental Technologies
    With numerous companies operating in the green technology sector, New Mexico is well on its way to becoming a center for solar, wind and biomass energy, and the manufacture of supporting components for the green technology industry.

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  • Entrepreneurship
    New Mexico is an ideal environment for entrepreneurial endeavors that are as diverse as the state itself.

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  • Film & Media

    Generous tax incentives, a qualified workforce, amazing scenery, and unique culture, all contribute to the flourishing film and media industry here in New Mexico.
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  • Information Technology
    The Metro New Mexico information technology sector is rapidly expanding and aims to be a world-center for IT research and development.

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  • Manufacturing & Machining
    From food, to precision machinery, to solar cells, Metro New Mexico's manufacturing companies are abundant and diverse.

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