Backoffice and Call Center Operations

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backoffice call center

Alliance Data in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Backoffice companies offer technical support, customer service, and order-taking for computer, communications, retail, and financial companies. The region is home to more than 25 major operations centers that handle customer relationship management or teleservices. Together they employ some 13,000 workers. The state offers a wide variety of financial incentives as part of its commitment to developing its economic base. Other incentives include:

In recent years, Metro New Mexico has attracted several large customer service-oriented businesses, with employees numbering from 100 to well over 1000.

Backoffice and Call Center Top Employers

Albuquerque Economic Development Village of Los Lunas sea logo2 Estancia Valley Economic Development Mid-Region Council of Governments
New Mexico Gas Company PNM Belen Economic Development Corporation NAIOP

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