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breaking badNew Mexico has a thriving film industry.The film and media industries in New Mexico are thriving and there are plenty of reasons why these types of businesses are attracted to this state. A primary draw for many film companies is the state offered tax rebate, which is easy to claim and imposes few requirements. Another incentive is the Film Investment Loan Program offered by the New Mexico State Investment Council. Additionally, incentives for both film and media companies include affordable properties, a highly trained workforce, an efficient transportation system, advanced communication systems, and scenery and culture that cannot be found (or flimed) anywhere else in the United States.

Not only is the film industry thriving, but so is the field of digital media, and this industry is poised to grow with the educational and job training opportunities around the state.


The State Legislature has already appropriated more than $12M to nurture the state's fledgling film industry. Job-wise, the film industry has grown from 60 registered union members in 2002 to more than 1300 in 2007. Per the Motion Picture Association of America, the motion picture and television industry is responsible for 4,055 direct jobs and $146.8 million in wages in New Mexico.

  • In an effort to increase the number of qualified crew members for the film industry, the State Film Office has created the Film Technicians' Training Program (FTTP)
  • Three sound stagesare currently available in the Metro area. Additionally, there are facilities like the Eaves Movie Ranch which provide exciting location opportunities.


A few of the feature films and television series that have been filmed in New Mexico include: Terminator Salvation; No Country for Old Men; Wild Hogs; Swing Vote; Book of Eli; Transformers; Hamlet 2; Breaking Bad; In Plain Sight; Whiskey Tango Foxtrott; and Crash: Season One.

Digital Media

Company specialization in this field includes:

  • graphics animation
  • visualization
  • geospatial information
  • multimedia development

digital-media-garageDigital Media Garage

The University of New Mexico's Digital Media Garage is a shining star in the state's galaxy of media facilities. It includes an experimental dome, visualization/perception lab and experimental 'black box' with a full-corner green screen, a motion-capture system and an advanced lighting system.  The center was funded as part of Governor Bill Richardson's $3M Media Industries Strategy Project. The NM Media Industries Conference (MIX) gathers filmmakers, game developers, animators, educators, designers, musicians and technology developers who discuss the latest trends and learn from each other.

The University of New Mexico has been awarded membership in Sony Imageworks' Professional Academic Excellence program (IPAX). Designed by Imageworks, the program, which will be housed at Mesa del Sol, is intended to build stronger relationships with established academic programs and to nurture and grow future generations of digital talent. Also at UNM, the UNM ARTS Lab is a leader in cutting edge digital and social media technologies, as a recent UNM Today articleillustrates. 

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