Information Technology

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sandia-supercomputerSandia computer scientists Ron Minnich (foreground) and Don Rudish have successfully run more than a million Linux kernels as virtual machines, an achievement that will allow cyber security researchers to more effectively observe behavior found in malicious botnets. They utilized Sandia's Thunderbird supercomputing cluster for the demonstration. Photo courtesy Sandia National Laboratories.

New Mexico's information technology sector continues to grow and prosper through the success of private, small-scale entrepreneurial businesses, larger companies such as Intel and Northrup Grumman, and government entities including the military and law force division. Activities in this sector are focused on software development, computer technology, internet and web-based services, and telecommunications products and services. The strength's of Albuquerque's IT sector include:

  • Cluster supercomputers
  • Informatics
  • Data mining
  • Graphics animation and visualization
  • Geospatial information
  • Environmental software
  • Educational technologies
  • Multi-media
  • Internet technologies
  • Cyber-security and encryption
  • Networking technologies

It's no surprise that many IT companies want to move or establish themselves here. Given the many financial incentives, well-established communications network, efficient transportation system, highly skilled workforce, and inviting and diverse communities, it's no wonder that this field is rapidly expanding. The Metro New Mexico area is on its way to becoming a world-center for inovation in the IT arena.

In April 2010, New Mexico Business Weekly honored 28 individuals who are making their mark in the technology sector. Many of these indivudals may very well become a part of Metro New Mexico's influential technology field.

Top Information Technology Employers

  • Abba Technologies - Partners with customers in both government and the private sector to implement fully integrated, complete and reliable IT solutions.
  • Aquila Technologies - Business solutions provider specializing in the areas of: network and wireless security, network health and monitoring, directory services, identity management and IT training.
  • Elite (ProLaw Software) - ProLaw software suite is designed to automate the practice and manage the business of law.
  • Kemtah Group - Managing IT services and technology infrastructure according to the Best Practices of TOGAF, ITIL, ISO, COBIT, and PMBOK.
  • MIMICS Financial Software - Financial software.
  • Net Medical Express - (Formerly New Mexico Software) Delivers methods of integrating data with unstructured information such as medical data. Products provide: Secure Document Management, Storage & Distribution, Easy Forms & Processes, Offsite Website Management & BackupSecure Document Management, Storage & Distribution, Easy Forms & Processes, Offsite Website Management & Backup.
  • Professional Innovations, Inc. - Subsidiary of Academy Corp; manufacturer and supplier of products and materials such as thin-film vacuum coatings used by a variety of industries, including electronics.
  • QinetiQ North America - Systems engineering, IT solutions and technology development. 
  • Ultramain - Integrated maintenence and logistics software.
  • VanDyke Software - Secure shell solutions including: secure file transfer, secure terminal emulation and SSH.

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